Welcome SSC Referees!

To be a referee for the Scarborough Soccer Club, you must be a US Youth Soccer certified Level 9 or higher, and certified (or re-certified) for the current year.

During the month of April 2023, there will be four new Grassroots classes to become a soccer referee:

Westbrook:  April 7th and 8th at the Westbrook Community Center

Gorham:  April 21st and April 22nd at the Little Meeting House, Windham

Sanford: April 21st and April 23rd at Shaw Field

Portland:  April 28th and 29th at the East End Community School

You must be 14 years old to take the class and the cost is $115.00.  If you are interested, please register on http://mainerefs.gameofficials.net and follow the directions for a new referee and sign up for the “Grassroots class.”  Once you sign up for the class the online work and additional information will be sent to you.

Any questions, you may always e-mail Pete Levasseur as well.